Transforming lives through Christ by serving in Mexico.





(Better Future) Youth Center


This center was not built to simply hand out pencils and paper but to open the doors of heaven to young people.Director Emmanuel Valenzuela


Mejor Futuro provides a safe environment for young people to learn, grow and play. Many of the young people in the area we serve deal with parental neglect and abuse, (very common in poor communities). The youth center is designed to provide a safe place for kids to learn new things, (music, drawing, english, computers, sports, etc.) as well as provide computers, internet and tutoring for kids to progress in their education!


By meeting needs specific to young people, we now have Godly mentors, teachers and coaches in relationship with kids who have not been taught the truth of God, His love and His grand design!




(Bread of Life) Ministry center


John 6:35 “Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”


Pan De Vida is a new ministry center, built on the far south end of the barrios where i6eight works. The center was created out of a burden from one our key volunteers Celia. Several months ago Celia approached our leadership team with a burden for families that are passing through Puerto Penasco, needing a place to rest and receive a warm meal. The center was constructed with this purpose in mind.


Additionally, the center will begin providing warm meals to children before school starting November 2014. Through meeting the basic need of food, this center will provide a place for the i6eight team to proclaim Good News and build relationships.

Additionally, Pan De Vida will require numerous volunteers, allowing people a place to serve, build community, dignity and ultimately the Church.




Beginning with a simple expression of love, i6eight provides families with a basic and secure home. The typical family living in the barrios of Mexico is undereducated, unskilled and stuck in a cycle of “poverty thinking.” There is a lack of dignity that accompanies poverty, making it nearly impossible to overcome. Through a continued relationship we are able to faithfully serve the families of the barrios and bring the

good news of Jesus Christ.


Spend a three-day weekend serving with us in Mexico. By engaging with a family step to a renewed life.


The journey will change you. Your life will be an inspiration to others. You will be engaged in the mission that God put us on earth to do: to die to ourselves, to live to Christ, and to live a life of love. By serving in a radical way, studying the Word of God and building great friendships.




The ministry created through i6eight provides employment and volunteer opportunities for members of the San Rafael community. These opportunities are the avenue in which i6eight’s ministry leaders train, disciple, inspire, equip and encourage individuals. Leading each person into a life of worship.


Included in this are 8 weekly opportunities for formal Bible study, worship and church services. i6eight believes strongly in life on life discipleship. We work hard to create opportunities to “be in” peoples lives daily. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” God is relational, therefore His children and His plan for redeeming the world are relational.

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