Scott & shannon SwartzentrubeR

Local Missionaries & Director

“We either had to listen to God and move to Mexico, or close our Bibles.”

Tony & Orfa Valenzuela

Local Missionaries & Director

“Because Jesus saved me, I want families to hear the Gospel.”

Kevin & Lisa Bollenbacher

Local Missionaries

“No better reason to serve than to love others as we have been loved through Christ.”

Celeste Valenzuela

Local Missionary & Youth in action director

“I serve out of love, gratefulness, and gratitude of what God did and is doing in me. God has blessed me and in gratitude, I return a little of what He has given me.”

Taylor & Fahren Sterrett

Local Missionaries with Pan de Vida

“Stepping into the kitchen, we both immediately felt like this is where God had been preparing our hearts to serve.”

Wes & Nelly Baker

El Refugio missionaries

“Our passion is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who need to hear the good news”

Emmanuel Valenzuela

Local Missionary & mejor futuro director

“The joy of sharing the gospel and working hand in hand with my family is a blessing.”

Ryan & Ashley Wisler

Local Missionaries

“God brought us together while serving the community we love.”


Danny & Bryanda Valenzuela


 “I decided to work at i6eight to watch God work in the hearts and lives of the people who are in the community and to be a support for them, never for personal benefit. I love my work and I love my students.”

Lee Swartzentruber


“Our First trip to Rocky Point was in May of 2001. Our lives changed when i6eight began. As we became involved, we realized building once a year was no longer enough. It has become more spiritual and life changing, it is no longer just a building project.”

Gavin Robertson


“We are called to love God and love others. i6eight is devoted to doing just that, so I am humbled to join them.”

Brad St.Louis


I first became involved with i6eight when a friend invited  me on a build in October of 2015. There was a strong emphasis on God’s word, his power to transform and a life surrendered. I immediately wanted to bring back the rest of the family.”



 “I love being able to serve others and I am blessed to serve alongside those who are passionate about seeing lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Paul Boyer


I love being a part of an organization that truly lives out the Gospel and provides for spiritual as well as physical needs of those who need it the most.”



 “I have a genuine heart for missions and especially Mexico.”

Jody Marble


“I love seeing young peoples’ lives transformed by serving in Mexico.”

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8